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Dinner for Breakfast

Growing up, breakfast for dinner was a pretty normal thing around my house. Maybe once or twice a month, my parents would make us omelets or waffles and it was always a welcome treat because, really, who doesn't enjoy breakfast foods? Until I began my journey as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, my breakfasts frequently consisted of things like pancakes topped with butter and maple syrup, which I would happily anticipate as I tucked myself into bed the night before. You've got to get excited about the little things, right?

Well, my idea of a ‘normal’ breakfast shifted (a lot) after my Holistic Lifestyle Coach training when we covered daily diet and nutrition and the topic of breakfast was addressed. I remember my instructor asking our class a really simple question along the lines of, “Why do we eat certain foods for breakfast?” Huh. Turns out it was a really good question that none of us could really answer.  “Because why not create a meal where yummy and comforting foods like cereal, pancakes and waffles are totally acceptable?”

So now, my breakfasts look a little (read: a lot) different. Sure there are the days where I can’t resist a good sugar boost with blueberries, banana and a spoonful of honey accompanying my plain yoghurt and walnuts but for the most part my breakfast looks a lot like my dinners would. Maybe a salad, with mashed sweet potatoes and some sort of protein. And the result? Without a doubt, better digestion and longer-lasting energy without a crash mid-morning that has me scrambling for another coffee (I prefer to drink my coffees just for fun without feeling an actual need for the caffeine).

When people see my breakfast in action or they’ve asked what a breakfast for me entails, I always get the same reaction- “Woah, dinner for breakfast? That’s pretty weird.” And I just smile and say, “No weirder than the fact that we have designated breakfast foods.” No one disagrees with that. ☺

~ Crystal Daugherty



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