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DrumFIT For Professional Development Workshops


Did you know that DrumFIT offers Professional Development Workshops? Our Workshops are an active, hands-on learning experience that engages educators and provides foundational knowledge for implementing cardio drumming in the P.E classroom and beyond! DrumFIT’s professional development is designed for physical educators to walk away with ready to implement ideas for warm-up, full cardio and cool down resources for the needs of all students’ learning. Click HERE to preview a sample workshop syllabus.

Innovation, technology and tools for teaching physical literacy to the next generation

Workshops utilize Tech integration using proprietary video curriculum from DrumFIT, Adidas Zone heartrate monitors, and data by IHT. When partnered with Interactive Health Technologies heart rate monitors and Spirit System, students identify their moods and journal after their cardio drumming session. Over time, students can connect their heart rate progress to feelings and moods to further value cardio fitness for life.

Special Discount on all 2017 classes!

Regular pricing for the Professional Development Workshops is $2400, but if you book before June 30th, you'll pay the special discounted price of only $1500!

To learn more about our PD workshops and register for the special discounted price, check out our PD page HERE!

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